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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't be afraid!!!


Everyone has creative juices, I know some of you think you are not creative but it's not like a special power...we all have it!!! And we all do it, we find something that we like and think I bet I could make that, or see ideas that we just wish we could duplicate. Me personally, I think everything should be bedazzled...It just makes life fun!

I blame my love of bedazzling on Gary LeVox (the lead singer of Rascal Flatts) Every bit of him is bedazzled anywhere he goes. This picture is just 1 example, but usually his pants are studded or have some sort of a crystal design. My favorite part is that they are all "normal" clothes, nothing out of the ordinary but there is always something added to them to make them stand out! He really should be the face of the Bedazzler!!!

I have come to love iron-on's, appliques, and especially rub-on's. I have come to learn that there really isn't anything you can buy that can't be personalized or made "better!" It just takes some effort and a little elbow grease!

Seven and I "fancy up" (as she calls it) her stuff all the time. From her backpack and some school supplies to clothes and even her dolls. It is so fun transforming things! Here is my latest project. We took a girls trip to Minnesota back in October and made a stop at IKEA. Oh how I love that place! We don't have one here in KC so getting to go there truly is a treat. I could spend all day just wandering but I did manage to pick up some Christmas presents while we were there in October. They have great kid stuff and one thing I found that I absolutely loved was the Mala Paper Holder. And then they sell the Mala Paper Roll to go on it. The holder is $5.99 & the paper is $4.99 so for less than $10 you have the perfect kids gift!! That is what it looks like when you buy it but it's too plain for me. It's nice pine wood that is finished very well so all you need is a can of spray paint. I bought 3 sets when we were there in October. 1 I painted pink, the 2nd I painted white and black and then drew a checkered flag design on part of it and the 3rd I tried my hand at some zebra print. All it took was 1 printed picture off the internet of a zebra print, 1 can of spray paint and some sharpies and here was the final product...
And of course an A for a personalized touch!! :)

I know there has to be something laying around that you have thought if only it had this or I wish this was different....get over the fear and try it...start with the cheap things that can be easily replaced and work your way up. Trust me, I have had to trash many things that I tried to customize!! It's a learning process but you have to start somewhere...and just think, customizing makes it 1 of a kind...nothing better than that!!

Thanks for stopping!!!!

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  1. And here I thought that I was to blame for you love of bedazzling. ;0)

    Have you seen the commercial where the woman pulls into her front lawn with the flat bed semi after a trip to IKEA?

    Makes me think of you everytime! ;0)

    Great ideas! Keep them coming!

  2. ONLY YOU!! I just don't know where you find the time to do all of this do I add more time to my day?