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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snuggle Time!

All thanks to moving our daughters room and fully redecorating it earlier this summer I have found my passion for quilting again! I did some quilting in High School and shortly after I graduated and loved it. On those projects I just did the piecing part and paid to have the quilting done because I was a little nervous about taking on such a big project! I have gotten a little more brave over the years and decided when we redecorated our daughters room that I would quilt her a cover for her new daybed. Piecing the quilt was a breeze and she got to help so she thought that was great. Quilting was a little harder but mainly because I have a standard Brother machine, granted a great friend of mine was nice enough to give me a walking foot which made quilting much easier but there just isn't a lot of space to move around with a standard machine. I managed to do it but I think it will be a while before I take on that large of a quilting project again!

Instead I got the idea that I would make a quilted snuggle blanket for our little sister. She was adopted by my Mum & Pappy (Hubby's parents) from Ethiopia and come home to them earlier this year. So technically even though she is 19 months old already this will be her first Christmas here with us! I am so excited, she has brought so much joy to our family and it has been so fun watching her grow! This blanket was made especially for her but can be customized however you would like. The blanket measures around 35" x 50". I used all high quality cotton fabrics for the front of the quilt and backed it in fleece. The blanket is finished with satin binding and for an extra special touch I monogrammed the first letter of her first name on the back of the blanket to add some color. Check it out....

If you are interested in getting yourself or someone you love a Quilted Snuggle Blanket please let me know, I would love to help!! You can use the Email us link on the sidebar or use the Buy It now button below and I can work with you to iron out all the details, pick fabrics and colors and all that jazz!!!

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  1. First of all, I love this blog! WE LOVE A's new blanket. The colors are great and it is sewn so professionally. Thank you!