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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I found a great new pattern!!


I really wanted to make my niece's aprons to go with their birthday presents but I was apprehensive about finding a pattern. I have learned via Seven that finding a kid apron that "fits" is not easy to do. Every kids head is different and there are so many out there that don't adjust to accommodate that. I was SOOOOO pleased to find a new pattern that is 100% adjustable! I did a little dance in the pattern section at Joann's!

So I used both of my niece's December birthdays to try out the pattern and I have to say I am so in love with this pattern. They had 2 styles - flat front & gathered. I thought I would try my hand at the gathered look to make them more girly. I did them both at the same time and total it took me about an hour to complete them. I used the same two fabrics and just alternated the fabrics to make 2 coordinating but not matching aprons. Here is the finished product....

Here is the pocket detail...

And a closer look at the bib and the straps...

It is 1 long strap that fits through both sleeves inside the bib so they can make the neckline as long or as short as needed and then the remainder of the strap ties in the back...BRILLIANT!

And here are the girls wearing them!!!
Jordyn - The 4 Year Old Birthday Girl!
Sydnie - The 5 Year Old Birthday Girl!

Do you need an apron for your little squirt or would you like to order one as a gift???? Just chose the size you need below and I will work with you personally to customize your apron needs! Thanks!

Kids Apron

JAG Signature.Jess


  1. Looks GREAT Jess!!! My Kitchenaid apron is made like that with the adjustable straps. It is great for easily taking it on and off too! I like mine because it's got a little breast cancer awareness ribbon embroidered on it, but now I'm thinking I need a snazzy one!!

  2. SO CUTE!! I think that Jeremy would have a cow if I had you make one like that for Chase, but it is still REALLY CUTE!!


  3. These are awesome....I'm thinking my girls each need one. Do you make adult sizes too?